just damage control

for a walking corpse like me (like you)

4 February 1983
manicured but mischievous.

There's blood in my mouth 'cause I've been biting my tongue all week
I keep on talkin' trash but I never say anything
And the talkin' leads to touchin'
and the touchin' leads to sex
and then there is no mystery left

You're only as strong as the tables you dance on, the drinks you mix & the friends you roll with.
"When you're quick with the one-line it makes people think you're bitchy when you're just quick witted... it's a fine line...I'm a bitch who just happens to be funny." - Diane Ruggiero

Anybody can be quick witted and sarcastic, but try fleshing out a character with only wit. Of course I just destroyed my whole personality with one sentence.
"He runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat, leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend, who cried and cried over him until the Fourth of July when she decided she doesn't cry over bitches on boats. It's a formality, really. I will never be close to a boy again."
"Never take it seriously, you never get hurt. Never get hurt, you can always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, you just go to the record store and visit all your friends."
Hobbies include: makeup, shopping at target, car dancing, acting like a 12 year old, making mixes, throwing away pennies, pedicures, pint night and laughing.

music snob. for reals.

It's a proven fact that I fall for boys who are wrong for me... if you have tattoos and a bad attitude, chances are I'm in love with you.

I'm a simple girl in a complex world.

100% Friends Only. Comment on this entry.

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